Advanced Level Music

Advanced Level Music

Type of LearningSchool Leaver

Course CodeA6185

Study ModeThis qualification is selected as part of a suite of advanced level subjects to create a full time programme of study.

DurationThis course lasts 2 years

Awarded ByThis course is awarded by Pearson (Btec)

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About the course

This qualification will form part of a suite of A level subjects selected by you. It enables you to explore a concise range of skills related to music performance. These skill areas are what many would think of with a traditional music qualification - performance, composing and music theory. Unlike many traditional music qualifications, you will explore contemporary music styles and the application of these to your own work whilst tying all of your experiences into the ever-evolving music industry. The course allows a great deal of freedom in the music you choose to perform and compose. 

The focus of year 1 is to grow as a musician as part of a musical ensemble whilst developing practical practices in the music industry. As you develop your own performance skills you will also learn how to re-arrange music into different genres: how do you turn a song by The Pixies into a country and western ballad? Or a One Direction pop hit into a grunge song? In year two you will further build on these skills by studying practical music theory and combining this with composing, sessions styles, spolo performance or improvising

Start Date/s

05/09/2022, 05/09/2022

Entry requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above. GCSE Music (or equivalent) is desirable but not essential. Given the practical, musical and technical demands of this course your entry will be subject to an audition/audition footage.


Throughout the first year you will develop ensemble performance skills and focus on composition. In year two you will explore professional practice in the music industry whilst specialising in Music Performance Session Styles, solo performance or improvisation.


There is an externally set/assessed project on both years of this qualification.

Careers & Progression

It is not uncommon for a student to select A level Music alongside A level Music Technology if they wish to gain a broader range of music related skills. When combined with other subjects, it can open a wide range of careers. For example: Music, maths and physics - acoustician, architecture, audio design/engineering Music, english and media - journalism, editing Music, computing and music technology - computer games design, sound design Typically the majority of students progress to university level courses from this qualification. The most frequently applied for universities are Salford, BIMM and University College Burnley. The most common courses are ‘Pop Music and Recording’, ‘Music Production and Performance’, ‘Music Production’, ‘Event Management’, BA (Hons) Music, BMus (Hons) Music, BA (Hons) Music Promotion, BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering, BA (Hons) Music Journalism and BSc (Hons) Music for Film Television and Games in addition to a whole host more. It is worth noting that Music is not considered a ‘soft subject’ by the Russell Group Universities!

Additional Details

Equipment Supplied

You will have access to an Apple Mac suite running the latest industry-standard music software alongside a multi-function recording studio and range of practice rooms.

Extra curricular activities

Music students are supported in their own creative projects and ventures - many music students book additional recording studio time to or have extra-access to software and the resources to write, rehearse and produce their own music with the support of our skilled music technicians. Many students are involved in regular public performances throughout the year. There are industry-related trips throughout the year and regular guest speakers and master classes.

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